Friday, January 09, 2009

Welcome Photographer Grey Lockwood to the TidalStock Team!

We are proud to announce that photographer Grey Lockwood is on the TidalStock Team. He has amazing surf and travel images from all over the world. We are really excited to license his imagery, the response with buyers has been fantastic so far. So I sat down with Grey and asked him some questions. Enjoy!!!


Where are you from?
San Diego, Ca.

How did you get into photography?
Started shooting teamriders while working at Emerald City Surf n Sport in Mission Beach, Ca.

What was your first camera?
Canon AE-1

School or Self taught?
Self taught in surf photography, went to Brooks Institute for Commercial Advertising.

Best thing about being a photographer?
My schedule. Photography gives me the option to work and travel when and where I want, I was never a 9-5 type of person.

Worst thing?
The amount of time and money that can go into shooting gets a little ridiculous sometimes. But, when you finally create an image that you've dreamed about for so long it makes it all worth it.

Film or Digital?
I shoot both film and digital. Digitally, I shoot with a Canon 5D and 1Ds Mark II. When shooting film I use a Mamiya RZ 6X7.

Any crazy moments while doing surf photography or any photography?
There are too many moments to list, most happen while traveling with surfers, those guys can get pretty crazy.

Favorite photo of yours?
GL00028 on the tidal stock site.

Pizza or Mexican food?
I think I could eat Carne Asada burritos for every meal for the rest of my life, I'm totally addicted.

List clients or where you have been published?
Editorial - Surfer, Mundorad, Sundance Channel, San Diego Tribune, Deep.
Advertising - Volcom, Rip Curl, Oneill, SexWax, Infinity Surfboards.

Any tips you can offer to someone that want to be a photographer?
There are two things I always tell people. It doesn't take the best camera gear to create amazing images, some of my all time favorite personal photographs were shot on a $100 TLR from 1955. Second, study every image you see and try to figure out the lighting, camera, lens choice, and location. It's more than pointing your camera at something and pressing the shutter button, the best photographers in the world didn't get to that point without years of hard work.

PC or Mac?
MAC for life, PC's are paperweights as far as I'm concerned.

Surf photography tips?
Find surfers who are willing to work with you to create images, only shoot when the light is good, and plan on living out of a suitcase for a better part of your life.

Are you a surfer?
Yes, I have been surfing for 23 years. I caught my first wave in 1985 at San Onofre State Beach in San Clemente, Ca.

Favorite wave?
My favorite wave in California will always be 1st Point Malibu. My favorite wave in the world is Snapper Rocks in Australia.

Other sports or hobbies?
There isn't much time for anything else, plus I still love cruising around with my cameras and spending time alone finding new parts of the world. Always keep your eyes open...

What do you have more of cameras or surfboards?
Definitely Cameras! I have a pretty minimal surfboard quiver (2 longboards, a 7'2" single fin, and a 5'4" TwinFIn)

Favorite surfer?
Rob Machado, Joel Tudor, and anyone else who truly understands the art of surfboard riding.

Website, blogs etc? and

And you can license his imagery at keyword Grey Lockwood.

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