Friday, July 25, 2008

Wow it has been a crazy summer! All kinds of things going on. First things first my personal website has a brand new look. Thanks to my friend, web guru, Mike Artman at Namtra Media for designing the new portfolio site. His work is amazing, if you need a website he is the man.

This is probably lame but this blog is going to hit 10,000 visitors. I know that is small potatoes but I think it is cool. I should give a prize to the 10,000th visitor. Actually if you are, now this is an honest thing, shoot me an email and I will send you a Ventura Pier Poster. How do you know if you are the 10,000 person, there is a little stat counter at the very bottom of the page, if it says 10,000 you win(take a screen grab of it). If you are in the US great if you are an international visitor I might have to check the shipping cost before I stick one in the mail. Good luck...last time I checked it was at 09992.

tillman skateboard
Remember Tillman the Skateboarding, Skimboarding, Snowboarding bulldog that I shot a while ago. Well if you watch TV you might have seen him. Tillman and his owner Ron are on a reality show on CBS called Greatest American Dog. It is on Thursday nights at 8:00pm. I don't know if I am sold on the show but Tillman and Ron are hilarious. So far they haven't been kicked off. I have talked to Ron but because of contract he can not say anything. So like all of you I have to watch the show. Tillman was such a neat dog and we had a blast at our last photo shoot, here are some of my favorites from the shoot. Check out Tillman's site here. If you want to license any photos of Tillman we have them on our stock site

tillman skateboarding
tillman skateboarding
tillman skimboardingtillman bulldog
That is all for now, like Tillman I am ride off into the sunset...or just maybe go to sleep...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tons of things are happing...

bermuda beach
Sorry for the lack of posts it has been a very busy summer...

So both and are getting new looks. It is time to update the websites. My personal site is looking great, but what I am really excited about is It will have a fresh new look with so many more features, I am so excited and I think our clients will love the new site. So stay tunned because we will be having a launch party/art show/and what ever else we can think of. It will be a good time!!!

So I have to run but there is some huge news about Getty and Flickr and I want to leave you with some the time you read it all, I might have a new post.

A great blog post by Allen Murabayashi CEO of PhotoShelter: Read Here

Rachel Hulin at Shoot! the Blog : Read Here

Rob Haggart at A Photo Editor: Read Here

Here is Stobist's two cents: Read Here

And finally here is an article on PDN's website: Read Here

So what do you you have images on Flickr????
Have a great one!!!