Monday, July 17, 2006

A Great day at Malibu!!!

Sunday was really good at Malibu. I was on my way to dinner but had to grab a few photos. More south swells are on the way!!!!
I also wanted to say thank you for everyone stopping by and checking the blog out. If you are interested in any prints, posters or stock photography please check out our website ( or email us at We can make prints or posters of any of the pictures you see here or on our website.

One more thing... we will be updating our website very soon. It will have more photos, a search, a store and so much more. Our current site is very simple and only has about one percent of our image catalog. So please hang in there with us...Until then I will post more phots, tips and any random thoughts... Happy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Water Surf Photography: The New Toy

First run with my newest toy. I just got a new water housing for my F100. So far so good. I didn't have much time to call anyone so I just ran out into the water and shot random people. This was at Malibu, surfer unknown.

My equipment I use: SPL Water Housing
Nikon F100
20mm lens
Velvia film...yes film.
and a helmet...:)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

TIP #1--well maybe!!!

Composition is a huge part of photography. Sometimes it can make or break a photo. Here is a tip for you to consider that might help you find a different angle when considering composition. Too often I see photos shot from eye level. It is the easiest level to shoot from and therefore the most common. Now I am not saying that good photos can't come from that level, but the problem is that we all see at that level so it is nothing new to the viewer. Why not try to give the viewer something that they don't see too often, a different perspective. Try laying on the ground, getting up high, going at dogs eye view, what ever it takes to not shoot at eye level.

Try shooting a roll of film or a memory card full of images not shot at eye level. Have fun with this; think of all the different perspectives a photo can be taken at.

To go further take one photo at eye level then how ever many other photos at different levels to see the differences. Most of the time getting lower or higher gets rid of a lot of stuff in the background and brings more attention to the subject.

Please try this, any questions, comments please fill free to ask. Again HAVE FUN!!

Shot above: eye level

Shot above: getting lower to the ground.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fire on the Grade!!!

This was just yesterday as I was driving home from a photo shoot. It was on the Conejo Grade. Pretty mild fire, no one was hurt and no damage. But it is always an amazing site.

Thanks for every one that is stopping by and checking us out and leaving comments. I promise I will try to post some news, tips, equipment reviews etc, soooooon. For now I hope you enjoy the photos!!!