Wednesday, January 14, 2009

National Geographic Kids Magazine

Well it is out, the February 2009 National Geographic Kids Magazine. I am happy with the results and it is pretty cool to be published in that magazine. They ran a photo of Tillman the Skateboarding Dog (yes he is quite the popular dog). Ron, Tillman's owner was nice enough to let me take photos of Tillman so I owe a big thank you to him. Watch out for more of Tillman and rumor has it that he has a new baby sister. Check out Tillman's website here.

As the whole world knows now, there is a big swell heading for California. BIG WAVES! I think I will be taking a little road trip to photograph all the action (hype). If I get anything good it will be on here. Have fun and be safe....It might not be huge out there but this swell is supposed to have a lot of power.

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