Thursday, September 25, 2008

I only got to go the 2008 Boost Mobile Pro one day. I just had too much going on with the new site launching. I was watching it on the web and the waves were going off the whole event. I went down the last day and could only stay for the quarters. It was really overcast (the two days before they had perfect sun, figures when I go it is overcast) but the surfing was amazing. I swam out and shot in the morning didn't really get much. I did get one shot that is funny to me because I basically got the same shot last year. Here they are...

Kolohe Andino 2007

Kolohe Andino 2008

With 200+ guys out in the water it's kind funny this happened at least I think so...

Anyone think Mick Fanning (current world champion) has been a blur...with all the focus on Slater about to win his Ninth World Title. It all comes down to Mundaka (Starts Sept 29th). Keep up on all the contest info here.

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