Friday, June 08, 2007

Some recent photos...
Soooooo I just got back from a little adventure. First we drove to My brother's wedding in Convict Lake, it was an amazing wedding my friend from Brooks Institute of Photography, Blaine and his wife Bethany took the pictures and they did a great job. Check out the slide show here. The next day we planned to meet our friends at Lake Nacimiento. We had two options, drive though Bakersfield(yuck) or drive though Yosemite National Park. Well of course we picked the the second one even though it was going to add hours to our drive. It was so worth it. I haven't been there in years(20). I need to go back and spend some major time in there. Being considerate to my girlfriend I kind of kept the stopping to a minimum although she is a trooper we still spent about 6 hours in the park. Next stop was Lake Nacimiento. Another place I haven't been in years. We had a great time here, we got to wake board, shoot guns, inter tube and relax. It was a great little road trip. Here are a few mostly from my water housing and Velvia Film......yes Film!!!

Something about hands and feet and I. I guess we all have a pair....this is my girlfriends. The water felt great to me but she was freezing she's a great sport.

My hand....what else would you expect...these two are at Convict Lake.
I know... feet the wake boarding picks below this shot were really fun to shoot. I haven't really shot wake boarding before. The guy wake boarding was really good and I wanted to shoot from a different angle than just the standard from the boat shot. He was game. I was on the inter tube which had a shorter line than his and we got towed at the same time. It worked great but the inter tube had a hole so we only had a few goes at it. Next time I want to get closer and even maybe behind him. But it was still fun to try it. One of my friends took a picture of us in action as soon as I get it I will post it here so you can see how we got these shots.

At one point as the boat was doing a little turn and the inter tube went over the wake, I knew I was in trouble, all of a sudden I went flying in the air, off the tube holding on to my camera. It must of looked so funny from the boat. No damage was done just a little water enema...

These two are shot from the boat.

Well that's all for now...I'll post more soon. Thanks for stopping by.....

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