Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sean Tully surfer Sean Tully gets one!!!

One Shot!!!

So this day was a funny one. The waves were small and really not that good but the light was great. So we (Pro surfer Sean Tully and I) decided to give a go and shoot. He paddles out and I swim out and we keep hearing someone yelling. Not really paying attention Sean tells me that this guy was yelling at us. Again the waves were like 1-2 foot not that great. He was a good 1/2-mile down the beach. We didn't just go right to his peak. That’s why I didn't even realize he was yelling at us. Once I looked at him, though, he didn't look like a happy camper. Sooooo not to piss off the locals we went in, but I did happen to get one snap on Sean's wave in. I don't think I have ever just shot one pic in a session before but I guess there is always a first. I try to respect people everywhere I go. I know it has gotten out of hand the amount of surfers, photographer, etc, these days. I don't name spots unless it is a common place like Rincon or Malibu. Please if you are a photographer/surfer try to respect the locals wherever you are, a little kindness goes along way….thanks see you in the water!

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