Thursday, June 12, 2008

It Has Been A While....
I haven't really done any surf photography lately. The surf for the most part has been at blame. We have had a few good swells but I was out of town when they hit. Well yesterday was nothing epic but there was surf, sun and good surfers out. I decided to swim out just to keep in shape and have a little fun. I'll have to say that Ventura is really pumping out some great surfers lately. Dane Reynolds is on the WCT and doing great for his first year on tour. The two surfers that were out were Cory Arrambide and Mike McCabe. Cory just won the Arnette Pro Junior in Newport Beach. That win put in number one on the 2008 ASP North America Pro Junior tour. Also in the finals was Spencer Regan (another surfer from Ventura) who made his first Pro Junior Final. Mike McCabe is an up and coming grom from Ventura who also has a brother (Matt) who rips. Mike is an amazing surfer and a great kid. I am excited to see his surfing career mature. Here are a few picks from the day....looks like more waves are coming so I hope to have more photos soon.....

Cory Arrambide surfingCory Arrambide hiding from the camera.
Cory Arrambide surfIt was a little soft out there, Cory still making it look good.
Cory Arrambide surfingCory Arrambide doing a little 360 alley oop air at least I think so.
Mike McCabe surf photographyMike McCabe getting close.
Mike McCabe surfingFins free, Mike Mike McCabeNice turn, Mike McCabe.

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