Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Sorry it has been so long since my last post.....A lot has been happening and some cool things are in the works!!!

Here is the News.........

--Look for us or should I say hear for us next week online at 97.1 Free Fm. We are running a commercial which can be heard on their online stream. I believe it will be played in the 8am-5pm time slot all next week. Listen if you can and if you hear it let us know what you think. 97.1 has a huge online listening audience and we think this well be great for TidalStock.com.

--With the radio commercial we will Re-launch TidalStock with more ocean, water, life and extreme sports Stock Photography and add a few new features.

--We are also adding new contributing photographers, which we are very excited about their work.

--Look for Tidalstock.com's work on FotoSearch.com. They will be a distributer of some of our rights managed photography. They come up number two if you search: Stock Photography on Google.
They were very pleased with our photography. This is huge to us since that they usually only deal with the "big fish" of the Stock Photography Companies.

--Speaking of Google, we are slowly making it up the list to page one in our specific search terms. This is great news for us.

--And lastly, In the next few weeks look for a new RyanCardonePhotography.com website. We are updating the photography and redesigning the site.

So I think that is all the news for now.... HAPPY SHOOTING!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Site looks good.