Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What's Your Style Man???

I was originally taking this post a different direction but I started here we go.

I have been doing a lot of pondering about my photography and photography in general. I was looking at my work and trying to see if I have developed a style yet. There are photographer's out there (famous or not) when you look at their work you know instantly ohh that so and so's work. A few easy examples are David LaChapelle or James Nachtwey. That style has made them who they are today (yes and being great photographers). So having a style that sets you apart from the rest is a good thing. Usually photographers will get hired because of their certain style.

In thinking about my own photography I am not sure if I have developed that kind of style. I don't know if that is my main objective. TidalStock, my company is definitely branded as fresh and unique ocean, water, life photography so I tend to shoot that kind of stuff but as far as a certain style goes, I not sure. I am still pretty young in my photography career and I love trying new things. Maybe I am still in the searching phase.

So that brings me to why I have been posting some different photos. Every time I edit my photos I always tend to pick out the odd ones. Photography is challenging because everything has been shot a million different times but I guess the trick is to make it new and out of the ordinary from what people normally see right???

Here are a few questions and tips to help you along on your journey.

Think about if you have a certain style in photography?
If someone saw one of your photos could say it was yours?
Think about your goals and objectives.
Try new types of photography, you will always learn something along the way.
Look at lots of different photography. You will learn a lot by doing this.
Are you still having fun???
Go out and shoot!!!

That's all for today just a little thought.....A few more photos from yesterday.

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