Friday, May 25, 2007

List of Water Housing Manufactures for Surf Photography

I talked about surf photography in my other post.
I put together a small list of companies that make surf water housings. I use SPL water housing but I have used Mike Waggoner' s housings as well. All these manufactures make great products, it really comes down to what your needs are. SPL housings work great for my needs. Good luck if you have any questions please feel free to ask. -- Mike Waggoner
Del Mar Housings

Links Updated 2/4/2010


Anonymous said...

ALoha Ryan,

Thank you for the referral to my waterhousings. Unfortunately you've got my name listed next to the wrong website. My website is:
Mike Waggoner

dale said...

Ryan...i dont have anything to do with DELMAR Water housings...i am Dale would be a good idea to remove that from your site and print a retraction...

Ryan said...

All Links fixed....sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

hey ryan im just starting to get into surf photography and ive started with the canon g11 with the canon housing my only problem is that half my shots have water blur accross the lense ive heard there is a spray you can get to stop the water sitting on the lense do you know where i could get this or do you have any solutions for me
thanks michael

polvasales said...

i paid dale kobetich for a housing 6 months ago, he said it was going to take 3 weeks but he hasnt sent it