Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finally some waves.

It wasn't the swell of the year but it was better than nothing. With great weather and nice waves it was a perfect day to shoot. Here are a few I liked. These are more artistic.

sean tully surfing

Sean Tully gets one on his new/old seventies board that he just picked up at a garage sale. Like the saying goes "someone’s junk is another persons treasure," something like that, you get the point.

sean tully surfSame wave a few snaps later...

Brett Robbins surf

This is Brett Robbins he has a brother named Cole, both are really cool kids. They are great surfers as well. I love to see groms who can surf but also have a great attitude.

surf photography

This was earlier this winter but it kind of goes with the other pictures. I don't know this guys name (if anyone does please e-mail me) but he is a really good surfer. This was in Ventura, I really like this shot.

water, ocean, life And... one sunset shot. It has been so beautiful lately I couldn't resist.

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Thanks Again...


Maria said...

nice photos! great colours

Ralf said...

Wow! Really cool action shots! I love the motion! If you want more feedback and want your images to be seen by many more check out my website.