Monday, October 09, 2006


So I have been going through all my images, organizing, key wording, and getting them ready for the launch of the new and websites (hope to launch by December). It has been slow going but fun at the same time. I have forgotten about a lot of the photos I have. I don't always have time to look at all my work. When I shoot film (Yes I still shoot film) it is easier to quickly go through the rolls and pick out the good ones. Digital photography is a much different story. I can shoot thousands of photos in a session. You get the point. So as I was going through my work and I came across these. I love the zoo, no it's not like being in the wild but it is still a fun place to take the camera. I think this day I was in the mood to get the not so standard shot. These were taken at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

"Full Moon" Asian Elephant
"Water" Asian Elephant
"Aaaaahhhhhhh" Baringo Giraffe
"X marks the spot" Baringo Giraffes
"Hang Time" White Headed Gibbon

I hope these made you smile. Keep yours eyes open and your finger on the shutter button because you never know what you will see!

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