Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oldies but goodies!!!

I have been going trough all my work lately because I am getting everything ready for the new websites. It has been fun to see my older pictures again. I wish I could go back to when I first starting shooting. My eyes were fresh, I had no style, so everything I shot was new. Yes I have more experience now and have more technical ability and better equipment, but sometimes I find myself staying with in the box. It is simply easy and comfortable to stay that way. I teach a digital photography class to kids and they are always going outside the box. So I challenge myself to go outside the box as much as I can remember. I try to shoot things I normally don't know how to shoot, or shoot in a style different from my own. It keeps my mind fresh. Give this a try next time, you will usually come out learning something new, and most likely get some great shots.

Good Luck....happy shooting!!!!!!!!

Here are a few Oldies!!!

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