Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fun in the hot tub!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sean Tully surfer Sean Tully gets one!!!

One Shot!!!

So this day was a funny one. The waves were small and really not that good but the light was great. So we (Pro surfer Sean Tully and I) decided to give a go and shoot. He paddles out and I swim out and we keep hearing someone yelling. Not really paying attention Sean tells me that this guy was yelling at us. Again the waves were like 1-2 foot not that great. He was a good 1/2-mile down the beach. We didn't just go right to his peak. That’s why I didn't even realize he was yelling at us. Once I looked at him, though, he didn't look like a happy camper. Sooooo not to piss off the locals we went in, but I did happen to get one snap on Sean's wave in. I don't think I have ever just shot one pic in a session before but I guess there is always a first. I try to respect people everywhere I go. I know it has gotten out of hand the amount of surfers, photographer, etc, these days. I don't name spots unless it is a common place like Rincon or Malibu. Please if you are a photographer/surfer try to respect the locals wherever you are, a little kindness goes along way….thanks see you in the water!

Friday, January 12, 2007

That's me surfing!!!
I took a day off from photography and went surfing, but also I was teaching my girlfriend how to shoot surf photos. I would say its a win win situation!!! Not too bad for never shooting surfing before.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yeaaa Computers!!!!

Sorry it has been a while! The last week I have been dealing with computer problems. I love my apple G5 and would tell anyone to purchase a mac because they are great, but I guess with any technology there will sometimes be problems. Long story short, I have been locked out of my computer. While updating new software it decided to make a new user name and password and it forgot to tell me. Finally after a week the good people at mac told me that I have to reinstall tiger. Fine except what that did was basically re set my computer, as if I just pulled it out of the box new. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa I have been reinstalling software, re doing my preferences........yada yada yada.....On the plus side nothing was lost, images, music, movies, etc.....But a word of advice, back up, back up, back up. With digital photography there is no negative to go back to. If you don't have a back up, once its gone it is gone. Check this site out www.thedambook.com. This is a great resource to learn how to have a workflow and back up system.

A couple shots from a few weeks ago. Yes it was BIG!!!

And last I leave you with Timmy Curran doing his thing!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Surf Art

If you like Surf Art check this guy, David Bogart, out. He asked me if he could paint one of my photos, I said sure and this is the outcome. I think is looks great!

He has some great paintings---please check his website out. www.davidbogart.com

Happy Surfing!!!